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Golf's Best Irons for 2016

These best golf irons sets for the 2016 season can make you a better and more confident player this season. Check out the best and newest models from Titleist,.

Fall is a great time to buy golf equipment

Most people are swayed by the names they hear all the time. Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist and Ping. Bye bye Nike. That's because they spend more money on advertising than everyone else put together. The best clubs to buy are the ones you hit the best.

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Tour Edge Golf PRPRSU0135 Backdraft GT Pro Putter 01

Tour Edge Golf PRPRSU0135 Backdraft GT Pro Putter 01

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $65.24

BACKDRAFT GT PRO #1 PUTTER W/HDCVR 35 IN. Right Handed. The Backdraft GT Pro series uses Optic Technology to increase the contrast between the putter head and the green. The more contrast, the easier an object is to see, and the easier it is for you

Swingrite Training Aid (Golf)

Swingrite Training Aid (Golf)

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Price: $178.50

Over A Million Sold. SwingRite! The SwingRite Training Aid has been improving swings since 1960. Super easy to use, convenient, and effective, SwingRite's click guides you to your best game. SwingRite Training Aid Feature: Helps improve the most important aspects of the golf swing: tempo, swing speed, hand release and grip Achieve maximum power and distance Measure your power as you improve with adjustment levels from 1-9 Increase distance 10-30 yards Easy to use; simply hold it like a club Practice at home, office, or on the driving range Great for golfers of all levels 100% made in the USA To Use Set head at desired number from 1-9 Pull ring toward grip end beyond triggers, as far as it will go Set up as you normally would with a seven iron, making sure SwingRite is at least 6-8 inches off the floor Now take your normal swing. Did it CLICK? If it did, it was swung properly; if not, then adjustments need to be made Practice with SwingRite until it CLICKS at your impact point and adjust the numbers down to increase your power In my opinion, every golf teaching professional should be utilizing the SwingRite training aid. Not only does it help students to understand the proper release in the golf swing, but it's also fun to use. - Geoff Bryant, President, United States Golf Teachers Federation SwingRite Training Aid. Since 1960!

Best Iron Guide

Centric Golf

Centric Golf is a revolutionary golf based on the geometry of a circle. Players use one circular swing for all golf shots, regardless where the ball lands.

Best Senior Golf Secrets Revealed

Golfing is a very enjoyable sport. But why should it be limited to those who are more ‘able-bodied’? Most senior citizens are just as in shape as the others, sometimes more. With this ebook discover: - Best tips for senior golf - Greatest challenges of senior golf - 8 things to becoming a great senior golf pro - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!

Ask The Pro – Why Are Korean Ladies So Good In Golf?

Dan: Joseph is one of my students and i’ve been fortunate to have worked with him over the years. He is very athletic and his setup at address is something for all players to follow. With that being said, Joseph struggles with a sway on the back swing with some of his clubs, but mostly with the driver. This causes some high fades that sometimes even slice. It stems from trying to hit farther and we now have him swinging at 80% vs. 120%. Having working with Joseph for sometime we need to continue to work on his strong foundation with his lower body and getting more in sync with his upper body on his... July 2016: What’s Your Favorite Local Golf Tournament. RAYMOND V: I noticed while watching the British Open that most pro golfers don’t wear sunglasses. DAN : Hi Raymond V – very good question. When I was a touring professional I rarely wore sunglasses. If I did wear them it was only while on the fairway in between shots. As for the Open Championship, the weather and the sun where the factors why you didn’t see too many wearing sunglasses. Usually the case in Scotland and the UK. JERRY G: Sometimes my divots start at 6 whole inches behind the ball. Do you have any tips on how I can stop hitting behind it. DAN: Hi Jerry G – This is a common flaw, but also a complicated one. One of the reasons could be your balance at address. I would recommend putting more weight on your left side at address as this should change your angle of attack coming into the ball. Keep your ball position constant and more in the middle of your stance with your irons. JIM C: Hey Dan, I’ve been making good contact with the ball, but I’ve been hitting it on the toe of my club. What can I do to help hit it properly. DAN : Hi Jim C – I probably need to correct your statement of “I’ve been making good contact” straight away. To be honest if you’re hitting it on the toe of the club, you’re not making good contact. We have to hit the ball on the center of the clubface to be making good contact. With that being said, It would be rather difficult to tell without seeing it live or on video but my best answer would be is you’re probably losing your spine angle on your down swing. Stay flexed with your knees and hold your posture in place as you swing the club to the finish. This will allow you hit on the center of the clubface rather than pulling up and out of your spine angle. PAUL H: Hi Dan, what is an exceptional golf tournament you would recommend players joining. Do you have any preferred ones. DAN : There are so many golf tournaments here in the Philippines and I am partial to the ones that give something back to the community and or charity events. In my opinion, one of the best and largest ones is the BRAFE Golf Tournament. The tournament organizers have really professionalized the charity golf tournament experience. Learn more about them and their tournaments in these links below. BRAFE Golf Facebook: BRAFE Golf FSLE: BRAFE Golf Tournament’s Official Beneficiary June 2016: Ask The Pro: Simple Drill To Make Swing On Plane During Takeaway. May 2016: Help I Can’t Get Rid Of This Slice. : After swinging the club, my divot is square at the beginning then veers left. Usually what ends up happening is my ball goes a bit left of my target. DAN SAIS: Hi Joseph M. , this is actually a common flaw and but very difficult to fix. Most of the time this is caused by starting the downswing with arms and or hands. We call it “over the top” or “outside to in” downswing path. All good downswing moves start with the lower body (left hip) and let your arms and hands follow the hips. A drill for this is to swing the club (on the downswing) on an inside to out swing path and this should help with pulling your shots.


  1. Most people are swayed by the names they hear all the time. Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist and Ping. Bye bye Nike. That's because they spend more money on advertising than everyone else put together. The best clubs to buy are the ones you hit the best.
  2. The sporting goods giants of Nike and Adidas are both looking to sell their golf club businesses. The BBC looks at what some of the reasons may be.
  3. A 69-year-old Rancho Cordova woman holding $420 worth of bills in her hand had the money snatched away by a woman at the Thunder Valley Casino outside of Lincoln . The suspect's name is known to investigators but no arrest had been made when the 


Best Ever Homemade Mayonnaise (mustard powder, eggs, salt, vegetable oil, white vinegar)

Best Corned Beef Hash Recipe (evaporated milk, garlic, ketchup, corned beef, onions, black pepper, salt)

Why Buy Campbells Soups Recipe (spices, carrot, celery, green beans, hamburger, onions, potato)

Chocolate N Peanut Butter Golf Balls Recipe (semisweet chocolate chips, powdered sugar, peanut butter, margarine, vanilla extract)


Irons 2014, Golf Magazine ClubTest 2014: Irons, iron ...
ClubTest 2014: Irons. Tweet 0 ... of 40 ClubTesters—average Joes just like you—critiqued 27 new iron models during two weeks of testing at the World Golf ...

Best Golf Clubs | Top 10 Golf Club/Irons Ratings and ...
The irons are on the heavy side and the weight distribution is low ... The following list of the best top ten golf balls was determined from the authors ...

Golf Equipment Best Buy Recommendations -
... golf irons, fairway ... Which is the best golf driver ... However Golfalot is on hand to help with our golf equipment best buy recommendations based on ...

TOP 11 Best Ping golf Irons to Buy - YouTube

TOP 11 Best Ping golf Irons to Buy - YouTube
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... Rates Best Golf Clubs Irons 2013 - Buy Best Golf Irons 2013,Cast

... Rates Best Golf Clubs Irons 2013 - Buy Best Golf Irons 2013,Cast
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... / golf set / Taylor Made Rocketbladez HL Irons (4 PWAW) NEW best buy

... / golf set / Taylor Made Rocketbladez HL Irons (4 PWAW) NEW best buy
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Desert Center, CA - Life along US 60
Desert Center, California From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Desert Center is a census-designated place in the Colorado Desert in Riverside County, California. It is in southern California, between the cities of Indio and Blythe at the junction of Interstate 10 and State Route 177 (Desert Center-Rice Road). The ZIP Code is 92239, and the community is in telephone area code 760. The elevation is 656 feet (200 m). The population was 204 at the 2010 census. History "Desert Steve" Ragsdale The town was founded in 1925 by Stephen A. Ragsdale, also known as “Desert Steve”, and his wife, Lydia. Ragsdale was an itinerant preacher and cotton farmer, originally from Arkansas. In 1915, he left his farm in the Palo Verde Valley along the Colorado River to attend to some business in Los Angeles. The road between Phoenix and Los Angeles was mostly sand, and Ragsdale's vehicle broke down near a place called Gruendyke's Well. This featured a hand-dug well and was inhabited by a...
some world tour notes, before i gave up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::: new york, NY, january 5, 2002 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my experience in new york is pretty well summed up by the time hodge and i were sitting in washington square park and she noticed a hair growing out of the center of my forehead. i didn't believe her at first, but it was true. in the process of establishing that it was real, she accidentally pulled it out, but it had, in fact, been growing there. "ah," i said to myself. "washington square park." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::: fredericksburg / spotsylvania, VA, january 6, 2002. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- our plan to cut under the storm worked pretty well. we weathered the worst of it sitting in a best buy...
Himley Hall record shot
Nice little shot of a not so little house. I'll wikki the hell out of some history for ya in a bit Here it is: Himley Hall is a country house situated in Staffordshire, England. It is situated in the south of the county, several miles from the larger towns of Dudley and Wolverhampton, although closer to villages including Sedgley, Kingswinford and Wombourne. It is a Grade II* listed building In early days, Himley Hall was a moated manor house, standing beside the medieval church. For over four centuries it served as a secondary home to the Lords of Dudley and their knights. Its occupants included Dud Dudley, whose seventeenth-century experiments in smelting iron ore with coal were carried out nearby. In 1645, King Charles I encamped in the grounds on his way to defeat at the Battle of Naseby during the English Civil War. In 1628, the Ward family inherited the title Lords of Dudley through the marriage of Humble Ward to the heiress to the Dudley estates, Frances Sutton. Humble...
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