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Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron, 1-1/2" Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron, 1-1/2"


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The 5 Best Curling Irons

There are so many types and sizes of curling irons that it can be a daunting task to choose one. In this Modamob, Marianna Hewitt shows you the 5 best curling.

The Best Beauty Tools to Buy for $25 or Less

Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron, Teal 1″ ($18): This metallic teal wand is perfect for creating expertly styled beachy waves. It heats up in just 30 seconds, comes with a pack of argan oil to protect your strands and features automatic shut-off

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Mega Hot MH2047 3/4 Professional Curling Iron

Mega Hot MH2047 3/4 Professional Curling Iron

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $20.22

To curl or not to curl may be an high-level question. But the answer can be quite simple. Adding waves and curls to your hair for greater style and appearance is easy and okay if you've got the right tool. This is designed to simplify your hair styling so you can look your very best on any occasion.

Le Angelique Curling Iron 32mm Starless

Le Angelique Curling Iron 32mm Starless

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $44.99

Alluring curls come from a great curling iron. If you are using a cheap drugstore model, you can't expect to achieve the same stunning results as a Le Angelique barrel curling iron without clamp. This wonderful 32mm curling iron is perfected for creating soft, luscious curls in long hair or casual flipped ends in shorter hair. Le Angelique curling irons are some of the best hot irons at one's fingertips. Le Angelique was created to provide salon professionals and consumers with reasonably priced, excellent products. This 32mm curling iron is a great example of this ambition. It heats up quickly and maintains an even, consistent temperature. It also carries many convenient features while maintaining an affordable price focus. If you want a curling iron that provides function and value, look no further. This barrel curling iron without clamp has a heavy-duty tangle free cord. The line is eight feet long for your styling convenience. It has a convenient on/off switch with an indicator light and a comfortable, easy to hold steer. You will also appreciate the heat resistant glove that allows you to style your hair without worrying about burning yourself. This curling iron finds the perfect marriage between convenience and purpose. We know you'll love this curling iron and can't wait for you to discover the many benefits for yourself. Order one today and try Le Angelique for yourself. It won't disappoint. This iron maintains an even heat while curling. Has an surplus long non stick barrel. Heavy duty, long life heating element. Tangle proof swivel rope and easy grip handle. There is a safety on and off switch and light indicator.

Best Iron Guide

Hair Care Like A Pro

Want shinier, prettier, & healthier hair? How about getting your hair to grow longer and more luxuriously? Ever wonder if you are taking proper care of your short/long, dry/oily, curly/straight hair? Is brushing your hair 100 strokes a day sufficient to keep it healthy? Got dandruff or split ends? Could the shampoo or other products you are using actually be damaging your hair? There are certainly ways to synthetically enhance your natural hair. For those who want to alter their hair, there are safe ways to do that for your personal hair type. "Hair Care Like A Pro" will teach you everything you need to know about caring for your hair. Here are just some of the things you will learn from this book: - Different hair types and how your hair changes with age - Proper way to wash,...

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Travel Size Hairstyling Tools from PLAY by TUFT

How’s the festive weekend coming along for you. It’s Deepavali annnd Halloween so I bet most of you are up and running about our little island. For me, I’m just happy to spend a little time catching up on rest. Been sewing much and also had a capsule launch over at www. What a busy week and it’s gonna get crazier soon because Holiday season is here, and that usually means craft fairs, meet ups with friends, and weddings to attend. How about you. Well, I’ve got a really fun episode to share with you. Last Saturday, I was at PLAY by Tuft ‘s hairstyling event and I totally embarrassed myself with the tools in front of the professional stylists. I can’t style my own hair for nuts (or rather, I’ve not attained that skill) – I can’t do all those pretty braids, because instead of my hair tangling, my fingers tangle with themselves. With regards to hair, I’ve pretty much called it quits. BUT that didn’t stop me from wanting to attend this event, because I really wanted to learn. Wanderlust The event was held at Classic by Tai Wah , a hair-pampering gem located at Cecil Street. The salon gives off an elegant and a muted luxurious feel, and it sure is spacious. We were greeted by this gorgeous table spread. PLAY by Tuft has this impressive range of professional home-hairstyling tools that is wallet-friendly, sophisticated, and chic. If you’re wondering why the theme of the table display was.


  1. Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron, Teal 1″ ($18): This metallic teal wand is perfect for creating expertly styled beachy waves. It heats up in just 30 seconds, comes with a pack of argan oil to protect your strands and features automatic shut-off
  2. For sleek, straight locks, Veluxe hairstylist Jennifer Jones is a huge fan of the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron ($99.95). "Their flatirons are to die for," she says. "It has 50 heating settings and wide plates, which means you
  3. "A quality blow dryer, as well as any other hot tool, is absolutely worth investing in," says Sara Caroline, Salon Owner and Contract Educator for Bosley Professional Strength. "I am a huge "Cheaply made flat irons and curling irons can cause more


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Best Professional Curling Iron

Best Professional Curling Iron
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Best Professional Curling Iron

Best Professional Curling Iron
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Best Curling Iron No. 1: Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron ...

Best Curling Iron No. 1: Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron ...
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