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Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 Drive Star 24" Semi-Integrated Double Drawer Dishwasher... Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 Drive Star 24" Semi-Integrated Double Drawer Dishwasher with SmartDrive Wash Function 9 Wash Options 14 Lieu Settings and Adjustable Racks in Stainless


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Using a Two / Dual Drawer Dishwasher - John Lewis - Fisher and Paykel JLBIDWS1802

This is a Triple A rated Dishwasher 'AAA'. This is over 12 months old.

Usable Spaces for All

In the kitchen, products such as microwave and dishwasher drawers, drawers instead of hinged doors with shelves and appliances with doors that swing left or right rather than down all enhance functionality for everyone. “It's important to make sure the 

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Mounting with drawer to raise height of select washer/dryers for easier accessibility

Mounting with drawer to raise height of select washer/dryers for easier accessibility

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Price: $465.69

Raises the summit of washer/dryers SPWD2200 or ARWDF129 for easier loading. Includes a pull-out storage drawer for added convenience. Dimensions: 16 H x 23.5 W x 20.25 D. The PEDWDDRAWER is a pier designed to be used with SUMMIT SPWD2200 or Ariston ARWDF129NA washer/dryer combos. This stand lets you probe the height of either washer/dryer to make loading and unloading easier. It includes a slide-out storage drawer ideal for keeping your detergent, foundation softener, and other laundry accessories within convenient reach.

FoodSaver Victuals Canister - 16 fl oz Food Canister - Dishwasher Safe - 2 Piece(s)

FoodSaver Victuals Canister - 16 fl oz Food Canister - Dishwasher Safe - 2 Piece(s)

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Price: $10.99

FoodSaver Deli Containers are incomparable for keeping deli meat, cheeses and other refrigerated foods fresh longer. Vacuum sealing locks air out and seals freshness in, preserving the soup and nutritional value of stored foods. They can hold up to a pound of deli meats and fit neatly in the refrigerator deli drawer. Features: Preserve deli meats and cheeses fresh longer - Locks in freshness and flavor - Air-tight and odor proof - Stain unruly and odor proof - Stacks and nests for easy storage - Allow for frequent opening and closing for easy access - Works with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Appliances Included: 2? FoodSaver Deli Containers

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All New Kitchen Idea Book

Over 350 color photographs to ignite your imagination ; Top design ideas from the country's best kitchen professionals ; Expert information about cabinetry, lighting, and countertops ; Space-saving storage options ; Money-saving, eco-friendly green innovations.

Learn the Lingo of Houses 2016 (paperback)

This book is designed for real estate sales agents, home stagers, property managers, interior designers, and home inspectors. It is a reference manual with hundreds of real estate industry phrases defined in one handy guide. Illustrations are included with the jargon. Appendix includes glossary of transaction terms and a chart with acronym definitions.

Usable Spaces for All - Kitchen and Bath Design News

This master bath, designed by Genie Nowicki, includes a curbless shower with built-in bench and a roomy 60" diameter that allows for wheelchair turning. Oftentimes, incorporating Universal Design into a kitchen or bath is initially driven by a desire to accommodate a specific circumstance, such as someone who wants to age in place, or someone who has physical challenges and needs help navigating... These aspects of Universal Design offer the most familiarity. They are also what can create the greatest challenges when initiating a discussion about Universal Design with clients who may but turned off by the stereotype associated with the term. “They think of it only as design for people who are handicapped,” says Dan Klappa, owner/president, MCR, UDCP, jDj lifestyle design remodel, in Greenfield, WI. Often, he believes, they may respond reluctantly with comments such as, “I don’t need... However, the broader definition of Universal Design – creating environments that can be used by everyone, regardless of age or abilities – is much more inclusive, making it an easier ‘sell’ to clients once they fully understand its value. It can certainly include someone who uses a walker or wheelchair, but it can also include someone who may simply be carrying a full laundry basket through a hallway, or a petite person who wants to knead bread dough at the kitchen counter. These situations can be made more accommodating with Universal Design by making hallways wider and countertops shorter, respectively. “It goes so much further than ADA compliance,” says Carolyn Cook, owner/designer, LiveSmart Design, in Charlotte, NC. “It really enhances design in general. “It isn’t only about making a house accessible to wheelchairs,” agrees Genie Nowicki, CKD, CBD, CID, CAPS, CGBP, senior designer, Harrell Remodeling, in Palo Alto, CA. “It’s about making a home safe, accessible and comfortable for everyone. That means making it easier for kids to work alongside mom in the kitchen. “There is a lack of public awareness about Universal Design,” adds Tammy Kaplan, CID, CAPS, Images in Design, in Cranford, NJ. “People often think it’s only for those with disabilities. It’s about having a home you don’t ever have to change, no matter your age or abilities. If, from day one, your home is equipped with Universal Design principles, you won’t ever have to make it adaptive because it already is. Universal Design is about good design … for everyone. It’s smart design, common sense design, and it’s important that our industry talk more about it. ”. Klappa agrees. “Universal Design is in its infancy,” he says. “Not many of my clients are educated about it because no one seems to be marketing it. ”. That means designers typically broach the subject first. Clients who may initiate the conversation are typically older, although people of any age who need assistance also ask about it. The latter was the case for Cook, who recently remodeled the kitchen of a young mother who is losing her eyesight. “The wooden stairs leading to the kitchen became a blank slate of one color, so we painted the bullnosing a different color, which then became an accent,” she says. They are actually very pretty, and the color has become a design element. Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS, Atmoscaper Design, in Topsham, ME, is also currently working with a relatively young woman with lower back issues. “She has asked me to design with cabinets that are 1. 5" taller than standard because she is tall and hunching over is a problem for her,” she says. “For all consumers, it’s about throwing the standards out the door and realizing they can have something customized to their specific needs. Varying countertop height, as well as vanity heights in bathrooms, is a popular Universal Design element that is being mainstreamed into many spaces. “We set up vanity height based on needs,” says Klappa. “Sometimes we make them higher, sometimes lower. Functionally, this accommodates people of varying heights and abilities. “If someone likes to bake, kneading dough on a 36" counter is just too high,” says Kaplan. “Instead, I’ll do something at 30". The low counter is great for kids who now don’t have to climb onto a chair to reach the countertop. It’s also great for someone who might be in a wheelchair.


  1. In the kitchen, products such as microwave and dishwasher drawers, drawers instead of hinged doors with shelves and appliances with doors that swing left or right rather than down all enhance functionality for everyone. “It's important to make sure the 
  2. In the market for a vacation home? Well, if you have $195 million in the bank, America's most expensive property for sale could be yours, according to Top Ten Real Estate Deals, which tracks the most eye-catching and newsworthy homes around the web.
  3. Dishwashers, ice-makers, and drawers and cabinets where utensils are stored may have been contaminated with water. Appliances may need drying before they can be placed back in service. Check with the water provider to confirm that backflow preventers 


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