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Kenmore Dishwasher Repair

This is a pretty standard Kenmore dishwasher from the 2005 era. Basically a quick overview of assembly/dis-assembly.

Bissell Vacuums:




Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum Filters:

Kenmore Vacuums:

Vacuum Bags:

Sewing Machine:

Garbage Can:

Dishwasher Guide


Homemade Dishwasher Detergent (vegetable oil, club soda)

Dishwasher Salmon (butter, lemon, onions, salmon)

Cheese Rice Recipe (bacon, rice, velveeta cheese, rice, dill weed)

Hoisin Sauce - Microwave (arrowroot, beef broth, black pepper, sherry, garlic, ginger, molasses, soy sauce, tomato paste)


Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher | Sears Outlet
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My Kenmore Elite dishwasher is showing code F2E2..What ...
I too, have the evil F2E2 code on my Sears Kenmore Elite dishwasher; and yes, it's the 665 model. I have searched the internet to find that Sears has known about this ...

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Kenmore Portable Dishwasher Model 665

Kenmore Portable Dishwasher Model 665
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Kenmore - 17742 - 24" Portable Dishwasher - White | Sears Outlet

Kenmore - 17742 - 24" Portable Dishwasher - White | Sears Outlet
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Kenmore Ultra Wash Portable Dishwasher Please Contact Pictures

Kenmore Ultra Wash Portable Dishwasher Please Contact Pictures
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Kenmore dishwasher
Hi, I've got a Kenmore dishwasher model no 665 that after the first cycle finishes no more water comes into the dishwasher. It will go through whole cycle and finish but no more water enters the dishwasher. An help would be greatly appreciated ...

portable kenmore dishwasher leaking
i have a portable kenmore dishwasher model 665-17425790. it has recently started leaking from the front where the door hinges are, near the bottom on both sides, while the arm inside is spinning. the door latch seems to be intact and so does the door seal.

Kenmore portable dishwasher 665.1784 faulty Electronic Control
We purchased this dishwasher new in Dec. '04. It has worked wonderfully up until 2 weeks ago. The dishes were not getting clean and still felt soapy. We cleaned out all the filters, etc. thinking that it was mechanical but the dishes were still not clean ...