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How To Totally Clothes Dryer Vent Tubing

A precise, step by step tutorial on how to clean the dangerous build up of lint in your clothes dryer vent system.

What to do to impede a dryer fire

The prime cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them. But while dryer fires are generally preventable, homeowners may not know that they should be doing more than cleaning their dryer's lint fittings. Dave Lavalle, founder of Dryer Vent

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Rehearse Powered Dryer Vent Brush

Rehearse Powered Dryer Vent Brush

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Price: $24.53

Drill Powered Dryer Vent Brush - Duct brush can be employed to help remove lint buildup and debris in dryer ducts and other general ducting. Can be used manually or attached to a drill for increased power. Includes a brush chairlady and four 2' flexible rods that can be used to extend the brush up to 8' in length making it suitable for typical clothes dryer duct runs. Willowy nylon rods allow for up to 90 deg (degree) turns. - Brush Diameter: 4, Brush Length: 2, Overall Length: Up to 8', Pkg Qty: 1, Container Type: Clamshell

3In Pelet Stove Brush 1/4-20Mt

3In Pelet Stove Brush 1/4-20Mt

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Price: $14.46

For pellet stove flues and clothes dryer vents. Improves zeal efficiency. Reduces fire hazard. Fiber brushes work best for soot removal and heavy lint increase-up in dryer vents. RoundSize In=3

Dryer Vent Guide

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  1. The prime cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them. But while dryer fires are generally preventable, homeowners may not know that they should be doing more than cleaning their dryer's lint fittings. Dave Lavalle, founder of Dryer Vent
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  3. . Deliver order to the Go through closet and drawers; fill bag with unused clothes for donation. Wash all bed linens, Clear dryer's extended venting between faction and


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30 in. Dryer Vent Brush-972000 - The Retreat Depot
30 in. Dryer Vent Brush is idealistic for cleaning dryer vents. The brush features durable bristles and flexible coil construction that bends to get to hard-to-reach ...


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