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Best Blow Dryers at Every Budget

Using a good dryer makes the world of difference when it comes to the results you get, and speed at which your hair dries. Here are the 5 Best Blow Dryers at.

Are expensive hair dryers worth it? Here's what 20 hours of testing revealed

TODAY Style chatted with Casey Johnston, a lead editor at The SweetHome, who published her team's findings after more than 20 hours of testing. She broke down the most important factors to consider (and those to ignore) when purchasing a hair dryer.

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  1. TODAY Style chatted with Casey Johnston, a lead editor at The SweetHome, who published her team's findings after more than 20 hours of testing. She broke down the most important factors to consider (and those to ignore) when purchasing a hair dryer.
  2. istock/PeopleImages When you have thick hair it's not a good idea to start blow-drying your hair immediately after you get out of the shower. Jenna Mast, New York-based hairstylist, suggests letting your hair air dry for a while before picking up the
  3. It doesn't look A. Inexpensive, and B. Like it would fail. Why's that though? Let's break down what exactly makes The radial reflections coming from the spun metal just give your eye some good, controlled reflections to look at. On a matte body


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Top 5 Inexpensive Hair Dryers

Top 5 Inexpensive Hair Dryers
Image by

Top 5 Inexpensive Hair Dryers

Top 5 Inexpensive Hair Dryers
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Best Hair Dryer / Best Blow Dryer List

Best Hair Dryer / Best Blow Dryer List
Image by


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