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How to get BIG CURLY HAIR with a diffuser! | BiancaReneeToday

Do you indigence BIG CURLY HAIR but don't want to wait 2 hours for your curls to dry. Now you can get BIG CURLY HAIR in half the time with a diffuser.

Kim Kardashian Doobie Wrap Hair Questioning | March 2017

This typically intricate sitting under a hair dryer for two hours with piping-hot plastic rollers as my hair took its shape. Then, I'd either proceed to have my curls fried to death with a blow dryer, or I'd get it wrapped in a "doobie." If you aren't

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HSI Seasoned Ionic Ceramic Technology Hair Quiet Dryer

HSI Seasoned Ionic Ceramic Technology Hair Quiet Dryer

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Price: $89.32

Are you frustrating to get a fabulous salon-style blow-dry at home. Just let yourself be seduced by the magic of a great styling tool, the one and only HSI Professional Hair Dryer! A hair stylists' favorite, this hair dryer is keen to give you a glam movie star hair at home, without wasting your time and money in salons. You will get natural curls or a straight look thanks to its 1600 watts power, a mutineer turbo ionic technology, and a nozzle that directs and concentrates the airflow to give you the style you want. With three heat settings and an ready-to-serve cool shot button, this hair drier knows the trick for professional styling and healthy looking hair. The removable air intake grille lint winnow guarantees a long life to your hair dryer and protects over-heating. This tool is practical and easy to use at home because it is super-comfortable to hold, it is illuminate, really quiet compared to other hair dryers, and it has a handy hanging loop. It dries the hair 40 percent quicker than a normal dryer because it uses ceramic technology. We certify you will get addicted to the stylish blow-dries you will get with the efficient HSI Professional Hair Dryer.

Saloniture Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder - Salon Appliance Damage w/ 3 Outlets & Clamp

Saloniture Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder - Salon Appliance Damage w/ 3 Outlets & Clamp

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Price: $22.49

This available salon appliance caddy is designed to hold and organize blow dryers, heat irons, straightening irons, curling irons, hot combs and other accessories. Both place saving and portable, it can be moved where needed throughout your salon, or brought to client meetings to create a professional workspace. It has a down-curved lip (covered in preservative rubber) on the back as well as a velcro strip, allowing it to be hung from and fastened to salon carts and cabinets with indented grooves on their more recent capital letters edges. It also includes an optional table clamp that can be added onto the rear of the unit with two included screws. The clamp is tightened to the underside of a catalogue by turning a dial, and can be mounted to surfaces up to 1-3/4 thick. A 2-3/4 (Dia) bottomless storage ring allows you to quickly stuff and retrieve your blow dryer, including those fitted with nozzles or other attachments. It can also fit and store almost any flat or round hair iron and includes 2 storage tubes both measuring 1-3/4 (Dia) x 3-7/8 (D). This appliance holder is bloody durable; constructed from high-grade steel in a heat resistant, black powder coat finish, it is very captivating and will last for years and years. It also features 3 integrated outlets and a grounded, US standard, 3-prong power cord that is 6 eat one's heart out. Overall Dimensions: 11 (L) x 4 (D) x 4.5 (H). With clamp attached: 4-3/4 (D) x 5.5 (Height when fully closed) / 8.25 (Altitude when fully opened).

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Kim Kardashian Doobie Wrap Hair Debate | March 2017 - POPSUGAR Australia

Growing up, I would get a weekly keep away from and set at my local Dominican hair salon. This typically involved sitting under a hair dryer for two hours with piping-hot plastic rollers as my hair took its shape. Then, I'd either proceed to have my curls fried to liquidation with a blow dryer, or I'd get it wrapped in a "doobie. If you aren't familiar, a doobie is created by wrapping your hair around your head in a circular pattern, then securing it with bobby pins. The purposefulness of this is to keep your hair bouncy and neat following a wash and set. Most women, like myself, still use the method as a protective style after a blowout. I've seen just about every felonious and Latina woman I know rock a doobie wrap growing up, and while it is a traditional styling technique, it has never had a very practical reputation. I have always been told that I should never leave my house with my hair wrapped. " I was also told that the protective style is only acceptable to wear while unceasing errands (like laundry or groceries). But ideally, the general (and bullsh*t) rule has been to avoid wearing it in public or limit to wearing it to bed only. Men have even given their unsought opinions on whether or not women should be wearing doobie wraps to sleep. But despite all the supposed restrictions that come with the style, I still do wear my doobie wrap to bed every gloaming ( I even posed with it here ). I never thought I would see the style become a modernised trend, but I was wrong. More and more styles deemed unprofessional and ungermane on women of colour are now becoming fashionable trends when worn by white women, including the Kardashians. ) So I wasn't surprised when, during my morning Snapchat scroll, Kim emerged rocking a flair very similar to the much-maligned doobie wrap. Her hair, courtesy of Chris Appleton , was pulled into a deep middle-parted bun with bobby pins carefully placed along the sides of her brain. The stylist shared an image of his "snatched" look and dubbed it "bobby pin do" on Instagram. Followers chimed in on the photo in awe of his "bobby pin headband," with one disciple even asking: "Is that the new thing. The short answer to that follower's question is no. No, it is not a "new" thing to leave bobby pins to show. Women of colour have been "showing" bobby pins for decades. In 2013, Rihanna showed up to the American Music Awards with her hair wrapped, and she looked prodigious. She didn't call her hair a bobby-pinned updo or a new style, but she wore it for what it was. She, too, faced criticism for wearing the style to an award show. But over all, it felt oddly empowering to see a young black girl from the Caribbean giving zero f*cks by reclaiming a look with a bad rap while looking damn considerable doing it. When it comes to Kim, the issue is more than just a hairstyle. There have been many women who have come before Kim who pioneered this style, and these women have received their fair share of harsh judgment and assessment for wearing it. But it's time for stylists, celebrities, and influencers to give credit... I would love to see the day people think my doobie wrap is "edgy" or "fashionable," and frankly, I could care less what people think. But until then, I'll proudly wrap my hair before bed every night and wear my doobie sonorous and proud.


  1. This typically intricate sitting under a hair dryer for two hours with piping-hot plastic rollers as my hair took its shape. Then, I'd either proceed to have my curls fried to death with a blow dryer, or I'd get it wrapped in a "doobie." If you aren't
  2. Let go the blow dryer. High heat from blow dryers, as well curling and straightening irons, can be detrimental to your hair. By limiting how much heat is applied to your hair, you can avoid some of the damages done by acme heat. You can even extend days
  3. Make room sure you have some tools handy when you decide to do this on yourself; a dryer, a medium sized tongs, bobby pins, u-pins and a back-combing brush. It's always heartier if your Make sure your hair has enough texture to work with; take large


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Butter Curls (butter, water)

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Angel Hair Pasta With Roasted Garlic (pasta, nonstick cooking spray, dijon mustard, mushroom, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tomato, water, zucchini)


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