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DYSON Vacuum inventor Sir James Dyson interview

Learn how James Dyson made BILLIONS reinventing the vacuum in this rare interview. Dyson vacuum cleaners sell in over 40 countries and his company has.

Dyson Vacuum Hires Away Executive from Tesla | Electric Cars

Dyson, which recently hired away a Tesla executive, may be working on an electric car to compete with the automaker.

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Dyson Hire From Tesla Stokes Electric Car Expectations - IndustryWeek

There are idyllic corporate campuses, and then there’s the thing Dyson Ltd. Nestled in the English countryside are massive research and development centers, top secret labs and various toys that founder James Dyson collected over the years, including a helicopter in the parking lot and a jet plane in the cafeteria. It’s from this unlikely place that Dyson hopes to make a worldwide splash over the next year and change the way people think about the high-end vacuum maker. The person leading this charge is Ricardo Reyes, Dyson’s new communications chief. He made a name for himself in Silicon Valley as the top spokesman for Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors Inc. Reyes also worked at Google, YouTube and Square Inc. The appointment of Reyes is of note for a couple of reasons. Last year, Dyson launched the Supersonic, a hair dryer that took about four years and $70 million to develop. Like all Dyson products, the hair dryer was intensely engineered and costs a lot--$400. It also marked a major expansion for Dyson past things like vacuums and air purifiers. Reyes must solidify this idea in consumers’ minds, and has already honed his talking points. "Dyson is growing from the living room to the bathroom and beyond, so people are going to interact with it a lot more," Reyes said. Dyson has also been rumored to be working on an electric car. Last year, the Financial Times turned up government documents that revealed funding to help Dyson on this project. Dyson bought battery startup Sakti3 for $90 million in 2015, and pledged last year to spend 1 billion pounds ($1. 2 billion) on battery development over five years, putting it in closer competition with Tesla. Dyson already has deep electric motor experience. Lab 61 at its headquarters is filled with electric motors of all sizes that have gone through more than a decade of research and sit at the heart of Dyson’s products. If you were looking to bring a new electric car to market, then Reyes would be a good choice, since he helped usher in Tesla’s Roadster, Model S and Model X vehicles. Asked about Dyson’s plans for an electric car, Reyes said, "You never know what Dyson has up its sleeve. For Reyes, Dyson was a good match with Tesla. "It’s very rare to find companies that combine software, hardware and manufacturing all together and to find a company like that that goes direct to the consumer," he said. At Tesla, Reyes was known for having Musk’s ear and being able to sway the inventor at times. But the relationship deteriorated as the years went on, and confrontations around product launches grew more heated. Asked about the personality of James Dyson, Reyes said, "He moves very quickly, but, at the same time, he’s measured and thoughtful. It hopes new products will make Dyson a more familiar name in the U. S. and other countries.


  1. Dyson, which recently hired away a Tesla executive, may be working on an electric car to compete with the automaker.
  2. Thirteen years after Dyson's first digital motor, the one used in the DC12 compact vacuum, the latest development from Childe's Motors Lab is the V9 -- the company's smallest-ever digital motor made exclusively for its Supersonic hairdryer. The
  3. What's the best robotic vacuum? Consumer Reports puts the Samsung Powerbot and Dyson 360 to the test.


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Sir James Dyson now owns more land in England than the ...
Vacuum inventor Sir James Dyson now owns more land in England than the Queen, the Duke of Bedford and the Duke of Marlborough

Dyson vacuum inventor now owns more land than the Queen - Holy Kaw!

Dyson vacuum inventor now owns more land than the Queen - Holy Kaw!
Image by

King of Vacuums James Dyson Owns More Land Than the Queen

King of Vacuums James Dyson Owns More Land Than the Queen
Image by

ll suck the shit out of your floors. Literally.

ll suck the shit out of your floors. Literally.
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Jeremy Joseph Fry (19 May 1924 – 18 July 2005)
Handsome, charismatic, with blinding green eyes, the engineer-inventor and entrepreneur Jeremy Fry had astonishing energy and an interest in almost everything. His designs included a car, a "sea truck", a four-wheel-drive wheelchair and a highly successful valve actuator - and he started James Dyson, 23 years his junior, out on his own inventing career. He rebuilt a village in France, moved a palace in India, rescued the Theatre Royal in Bath and reorganised the Northern Ballet Company. Fry was born in Bristol in 1924, the second son of the last chairman of the Fry's chocolate concern, Cecil Fry, who had enraged the many Fry aunts and cousins by arranging for the sale of the company to Cadbury's, the arch-enemy. Jeremy was educated at Gordonstoun, joined the Royal Air Force and was qualifying to become a pilot in North America when the Second World War ended. He studied at the Architectural Association under Leonard Manasseh, who became one of his idols, but left before...
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