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Dual can, 2" receiver mounted garbage hauling artifice for towing wheeled trash bins to the road-... Dual can, 2" receiver mounted garbage hauling artifice for towing wheeled trash bins to the road- Tilt and go hook style for flat to moderately slopped driveways


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Trash Can Carrier for Car, SUV or Truck - Easy!

easycancaddy. The EasyCanCaddy requires no hitch or modification. This sturdy metal trash can carrier fits most cars, SUVS and pick-up trucks.

Tips on Holiday Tipping - Consumer Reports

Figuring out holiday tipping isn't always easy. Consumer Reports explains whom consumers usually tip and how much they give.

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Kaytee Guinea Pig Peaceful EZ Clean System, 30 L X 18 W X 19.5 H


Price: $69.99

Kaytee Guinea Pig To the heart EZ Clean System - Premium Guinea Pig Cage or Dwarf Rabbit Cage aYour small pet will love living in the commodious and easy-to-maintain Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System. This spacious and pet parent-friendly guinea pig cage also works tickety-boo as a dwarf rabbit cage. Maintaining your small pet's habitat has never been easier. The EZ Clean is designed with a unique trap door spot. Simply place the habitat over your trash can, slide the trap door open, and sweep soiled bedding directly into the garbage. With the confine door system, you will never need to completely disassemble this habitat to keep it clean. At 30 long by 18 wide, the Kaytee Guinea Pig Place EZ Clean System is a spacious habitat for your small pet. The new wire and base design adds both security and durability. The sliding shelf arrangement lets you easily remove the shelf to make cleaning easier and then reattach it to give your furry friend more room to live. Whether you use the EZ Moral as a guinea pig cage or dwarf rabbit cage, your pet will be able to enjoy the elevated views of the shelf by climbing up and down the fun wavy acclivity. The Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System features four easy-rolling casters for added mobility. You can very likely reach inside your guinea pig cage or dwarf rabbit cage to interact with your pet via the top and front access doors. The new secure locking procedure lets you lock and unlock the chew-proof latches using a controllable safety switch. That way, you know your small pet is always safe and locked up.

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CFRP Must Have A Turn-over Quotient For Boeing

Without really understanding the CFRP financial model it is plain to every observer, at some time it is necessary to turn over a product into the heap bin. This is an important profit engine measuring product turn-over as a quotient. Boeing was instrumental in introducing a mass production model for super-huge plastic products called the 787, 737, and then the 777X family of aircraft. Over half of the 787 is CFRP and the "others" in Boeing's production plan call for CFRP X wings and some Max things. In fact all its Boeing commercial aviation product line will have a certain degree of CFRP in its constructs. What is in Boeing's plan for turn-over of said products. The average land fill garbage dump avoids burying its plastics into the ground while recycling has change the American culture by having two garbage can at the curb. This brings to the attention of how long will a plastic bodied airplane last before replacing it in the market place. Hanging on to plastic airplanes longer also effects the financials of a producer such as Boeing. It must replace world fleets in a timely manner in order to make profits. The plastic production plan will reach saturation in the next decade when customers can still flying the CFRP's without fatigued and a need for replacement. A turn-over quotient becomes an important part of a manufacturer’s forecasting model and the CFRP aircraft has thrown a wrench into the typical inventory modeling coming from the aluminum aircraft. Typically a traditional aircraft will stay with a fleet of a top line commercial carrier under twenty years before replacement. What if an aircraft last longer like a 787, then what happens to all the modeling and a saturation of commercial aviation buying market. In other words there may be a period of time when buyers don’t need to buy an aircraft because its inventory has a longer shelf-life with its 787’s fleet. Fortunately for Boeing, improvements, wear of other non-plastic parts such as engines or avionics make it replaceable and outdated for more efficient examples in the market place. No longer can a product depend on wear and tear to retire its type for a new refreshed frame. It must depend on advanced innovations for retiring any plastic airplane within a financial cycle. Waiting for plastic to age is a long, long process. The old aluminum bodied aircraft have a shelf-life and then it goes to South America or Africa for its final gig. However, a plastic aircraft will fly as long as parts are maintained large and small. Boeing will need innovative new wings, body, and systems before a 787 should be retired. The 787 could fly for fifty years before the next big thing will replace it slowing the turn-over engine for Boeing at the factory level. Hence, a new Boeing division is needed. Having a retrofit and recycling division will be needed for plastic bodied aircraft. Installing new systems, engines and innovations, while making an old 787 body sing is what it needs to do in a factory setting. A thirty year old 787 body enters the production floor where dis-assemblers remove all pre 2020 systems and parts and replacing it with new and enhanced performance parts and systems at a smaller cost than a new 787. The innovation factor is... Refitted aircraft will fly more efficiently than its former iteration with all the latest features because the CFRP portion is still good for another 30 years of retrofitted service. The turnover comes from innovations added values on new production models. Long gone are the days of moving an aluminum bodied aircraft to the desert for retirement after metal fatigue takes its toll like an aircraft cancer. The most critical area is an aircraft's wing area and secondly the air frame. The 777X will have an all plastic wing and its body is engineered for the long haul making this aircraft a prime candidate for aviation's refurbishment program.


  1. Figuring out holiday tipping isn't always easy. Consumer Reports explains whom consumers usually tip and how much they give.
  2. In our news wrap Tuesday, President-elect Trump named a former aide to George W. Bush, Thomas Bossert, as his assistant to the president for homeland 
  3. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's intervention to stop jobs at a plant in Indiana going to Mexico is typical of what happens in countries that Americans call "banana" republics, a senior Mexican state official said on Thursday. Carrier, a unit of
  1. RT @bryanedwardhill: @luiscandelari20 He can't do either. The Carrier deal was garbage and he can't even repeat that. He told people what t…
  2. @luiscandelari20 He can't do either. The Carrier deal was garbage and he can't even repeat that. He told people what they wanted to hear.


Trash Can Carrier - Garbage Can Transporter
Cansporter Trash Can Carrier - Waste Cart Transporter Making Trash Day Easier Since 2004

garbage can hauling device,getting trash to the road
Long or steep driveway solution for getting trash to the road for pick-up. Garbage Hooks are a a simple way to get trash and recyclable to the road

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Move Your Cell Phone To Any ...
Many phones are sold locked to a specific network. When you buy a phone from a cellular carrier, they often lock that phone to their network so you can’t ...

Order the Cansporter Garbage Can Carrier

Order the Cansporter Garbage Can Carrier
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Order the Cansporter Garbage Can Carrier

Order the Cansporter Garbage Can Carrier
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Lifts and secures trash and garbage carts for transport to the road

Lifts and secures trash and garbage carts for transport to the road
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truman and i waiting for the bus. 33rd and alberta. photo: everett hanson
that's my current favorite baby carrier: the horsey my tie. yes i *do* sell these!
Safety Chrome
While I was at Maintenance Day, I watched the installation of an air horn because I wanted to do that myself. I was also stirred to actually do it. Motorcyclists will often laugh off their new bike bling by calling it "safety chrome". You know, to justify the purchase of something shiny to their better halves. But in this case, it really is safety chrome. I travel some pretty congested roads. Many are the times that some "cager" (we deride those in cars, because they are like animals riding around in cages rather than being free) will encroach my lane. I'll honk my horn, but the fcuker is usually talking on a cellphone and doesn't even hear me. The sad fact is that motorcycle horns are inadequate. My stock horn is louder than most, but still not as loud as a car's. This safety chrome changes that. It is the Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn, billed as the loudest motorcycle horn in the world. You can hear the tone here (it's the first on the list). It...
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College basketball: St. John’s hands Syracuse its worst Carrier Dome loss
The 33-point loss is the worst in the history of the Carrier Dome. In Jim Boeheim’s 40-plus-year ... but played all 38 minutes before Boeheim put in the walk-ons in garbage time. Lydon led the Orange with 16 points on 5 of 13 shooting.

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