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Kaytee Guinea Pig To the heart EZ Clean System - Premium Guinea Pig Cage or Dwarf Rabbit Cage aYour small pet will love living in the commodious and easy-to-maintain Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System. This spacious and pet parent-friendly guinea pig cage also works tickety-boo as a dwarf rabbit cage. Maintaining your small pet's habitat has never been easier. The EZ Clean is designed with a unique trap door spot. Simply place the habitat over your trash can, slide the trap door open, and sweep soiled bedding directly into the garbage. With the confine door system, you will never need to completely disassemble this habitat to keep it clean. At 30 long by 18 wide, the Kaytee Guinea Pig Place EZ Clean System is a spacious habitat for your small pet. The new wire and base design adds both security and durability. The sliding shelf arrangement lets you easily remove the shelf to make cleaning easier and then reattach it to give your furry friend more room to live. Whether you use the EZ Moral as a guinea pig cage or dwarf rabbit cage, your pet will be able to enjoy the elevated views of the shelf by climbing up and down the fun wavy acclivity. The Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System features four easy-rolling casters for added mobility. You can very likely reach inside your guinea pig cage or dwarf rabbit cage to interact with your pet via the top and front access doors. The new secure locking procedure lets you lock and unlock the chew-proof latches using a controllable safety switch. That way, you know your small pet is always safe and locked up.

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