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Brabantia Topspinner Rotary Washing Ancestry with Ground Spike - 131 feet

Good 131 ft drying line - enough room to accommodate bedding. Smooth turning rotation for ease of use and faster drying. Adjustable 'Coverage' system enables three different line positions to maintain tension. Sturdy hanging loop for easy storage when not in use. Comes with a five-year Brabantia vouch for. The 131 feet Topspinner Rotary Dryer includes a 45 mm diameter ground spike that can be inserted into the lawn to provide a permanent foundation for your washing line. The ground spike is also equipped with a closable cap which sits flush to the ground. This means that when you take the dryer out of the strengthen, rain water is kept out and you can mow the lawn without fear of damaging the ground spike or your mower.

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