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G2PLUS® New Arrival Unisex Multifunctional Washable Chenille Fibre House Floor Cleaning Dust Mop... G2PLUS® New Arrival Unisex Multifunctional Washable Chenille Fibre House Floor Cleaning Dust Mop Slippers Foot Socks Mop Shoes (Blue)


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Mop Slippers

com/Mop-Slippers/productinfo/3958 Slip these convenient mop slippers onto your feet to easily dust mop your floors. Yes you can easily.

The Mop Squad: Help Your Cleaners Help You

Items like socks, tissues and toys all can get in the way of an efficient cleaning experience! Leaving the payment in the same spot every week. We can spend more time cleaning your home and less time searching for a check if we know where it is!

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8 ft. Absorbent Sock, 8VL69

8 ft. Absorbent Sock, 8VL69

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Price: $25.80

Absorbent Sock, Fluids Absorbed Chemical / Hazmat, Diameter 3 In, Length 8 ft, Volume Absorbed Per Pkg. 7 gal, Outside Skin Material Polypropylene, Filler Material Polypropylene, UV Resistant No, Static Dissipative No, White, Package Quantity 3

HAAN Versa Steam Pro Red Steam Cleaner


Price: $200.00

HNN1038: Features: -Uses Turbo Steam Technology to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites for a healthy home. -15 steam jets provide a wide cleaning path and reduce hot spots while focusing steam where it's needed most. -Completely chemical free uses 100% steam to safely clean and sanitize around children and pets. -Burst of steam on the handheld steamer can tackle the toughest messes. Generic Specifications: -Wattage: 1440 watts. -Cord Length: 25'. -Tank Capacity: 11.83 oz. -Heat-up Time: 20 seconds.

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Little Heathens

I tell of a time, a place, and a way of life long gone. For many years I have had the urge to describe that treasure trove, lest it vanish forever. So, partly in response to the basic human instinct to share feelings and experiences, and partly for the sheer joy and excitement of it all, I report on my early life. It was quite a romp. So begins Mildred Kalish’s story of growing up on her grandparents’ Iowa farm during the depths of the Great Depression. With her father banished from the household for mysterious transgressions, five-year-old Mildred and her family could easily have been overwhelmed by the challenge of simply trying to survive. This, however, is not a tale of suffering. Kalish counts herself among the lucky of that era. She had caring grandparents who possessed—and...

Sleight Return

Much of this occult sequel to Respect for the Dead is set over a two-year period in New England and centers on the spiritual awakening of a sorcerer whose identity is concealed for thematic purposes. He learns that before his present incarnation he had cut a deal with God and Satan to wipe out their common enemies in exchange for a successful writing career¾a dangerous test of endurance, paralleling Castaneda's horrifying experiences with sorcery in Mexico. (for back cover)


  1. Items like socks, tissues and toys all can get in the way of an efficient cleaning experience! Leaving the payment in the same spot every week. We can spend more time cleaning your home and less time searching for a check if we know where it is!
  2. Four months later, Creighton had won a school-record 29 games and Korver was an Omaha celebrity, equal parts style (knee-high socks and blond mop) and substance (the small-town Iowa boy was Dick Vitale's midseason player of the year). The image that 
  3. Mom's rag bag contained used clothes and accessories that were too good to throw away or to be used in the rag mop. During the year, if things like a This year, Fionna requested several “old pairs of ugly socks” from her grandpa. I can't wait to
  1. Time confinement no socks bc weather was too hot. Lepas tu rajin cuci piring vaccum rumah mop rumah lagi.
  2. Why did I decide to mop the bathroom with my socks on?
  3. Was trying to empty the mop bucket in work and just dropped it all on my feet and now I need to walk home with soggy socks FANTASTIC


Cider Mop Ribs (brown sugar, apple cider, jalapeno, ketchup, onions, black pepper, ribs, salt, tomato puree, white wine vinegar)

Beef Stock Mop (bay leaf, beef broth, chili powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, hot sauce, msg, vegetable oil, paprika, salt, vinegar, worcestershire sauce)

Agua De Valencia - Knock Your Socks off Spanish Cava Punch! (orange liqueur, orange juice, ice, wine)

BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Spicy Girls Dry Rub and Mop Sauce (baby back ribs, wood chips, vegetable oil, kosher salt, black pepper, coriander, cumin, paprika, thyme, chili powder, brown sugar, sauce, barbecue sauce, liquid smoke flavoring, maple syrup, molasses)


Mop | Define Mop at
Mop definition, a bundle of coarse yarn, a sponge, or other absorbent material, fastened at the end of a stick or handle for washing floors, dishes, etc. See more.

EnsenaSoft | MOP: Operation Cleanup
MOP: Operation Cleanup is available on Amazon, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PlayStation 4 and STEAM.

Make Washable Swiffer Wetjet Pads Out of Socks - Lifehacker
Do you like the convenience of Swiffer Wetjet mops but hate the waste generated by the disposable pads? Instructables user bullschmidt figured out that you can make ...

Mop-Slippers-Lazy-Quick-House-Floor-Polishing-Dusting-Cleaning-Foot ...

Mop-Slippers-Lazy-Quick-House-Floor-Polishing-Dusting-Cleaning-Foot ...
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Mop socks - Where to buy

Mop socks - Where to buy
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Mop Socks :) | My latest Pinterest project | Pinterest

Mop Socks :) | My latest Pinterest project | Pinterest
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Blunsdon 1968  - Not that happy
The last chance of a Primary school photo before the school finishes for the summer, next stop the senior school in the next town. The local children at this school had never met a child that had a darker shade of skin, they could not believe I was born in London - So much for village life. It was here that I was taught a new word 'Daps', in real english - plimsolls. After exploding full rolls of caps under the lids of our desks during the lunchtime break. One of the masters, unable to find the school cane, decided to use the 3 foot board ruler on us instead, the three hits we each got looked more like six hits due to the square edges on the sides, the pain was about the same as the cane. Arriving at the very end of the school year, I found that schools in this area still had the 11 Plus exam, I knew I would not have any chance of passing it, but to be fair I was allowed to take it, the only problem was that I had to sit it whilst normal lessons were going on around me, after the...
A more or less happy group
The middle group
Junior School - Netherfield Rd
June 1932 School photo of Class 2 Girls sat in rows for their group photograph. Even girls' could wear the famous striped tie. For those from the Home wellingtons would often be worn all day, no shoes or sandals to polish at the end of the day. If you were polishing your shoes, the Sister might hand you a couple of pairs of shoes belonging to the younger children, with the comment that it would be easier if you did these at the same time, staying as far away of the polishing table was always the best move.

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And to be honest, my little speech doesn't really seem to do anything for their father either, who, the minute I mention words like "hoover" and "mop", mumbles something ... (picks raisins from the bottom of my socks) 5. Whoever decided to make blue ...

Need assistance or want to help?
Current needs are: Individual snacks, apples, oranges, breakfast pop tarts, personal items and socks of all sizes ... and sanitation supplies (mops, brooms, bleach, etc.). - Help the Pitt County Animal Shelter, which has set up a temporary emergency ...

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No doubt you’ve heard of or seen people turn old clothes into rags to wipe their hands with or mop the floor with. But it turns out, there are a lot more uses for your old clothing. Here are a few clever uses for your old clothing. 1.Turn your socks into ...