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Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Distressing Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Distressing Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue


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Steam Mops: Do they in reality work?

Consumer newspaperwoman John Matarese looks into steam mops and if they are worth the money in this edition of Don't Waste Your Money. Tune into WCPO Channel 9.

Vax Steam Raw Power Plus review

The Vax Steam Up to date Power Plus is a steam mop that doubles as a handheld. You can choose to add detergent too. It cleans well enough, but the top-heavy design is a real impediment – it makes the Vax heavier in the give up and it won't stand up by itself 

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Gruene Cleanly System Steam Mop & Hand Held Steamer w/ Attachments

Gruene Cleanly System Steam Mop & Hand Held Steamer w/ Attachments

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Price: $328.23

The Gruene Steam Mop is practically the best solution for in home chemical-free cleaning. The problem with steam mops today is that steam cleaning stops with your floor. What about the tiles in the drop, or soap scum on those shower doors, or dirty sinks? With a variety of tools, we are sure the Gruene can tackle whatever cleaning job you're after. The Gruene is the most all-nearly cleaning system available. With its versatility and wide variety of tools, the Gruene is sure to replace that cabinet full of chemicals, the old mop and pail, and last but not least that old broom. The patented pad locking system allows you to use the steam pad, kitchen towels, or hand towels that you may have available. The Gruene also holds most duster pads on tap at your local grocery store for hard floor cleaning. Features: Ready to use in 30 seconds 1500 Watt heating basics Reusable microfiber cloth or terry towel 2 in 1 Steam Mop and Hand Steamer Converts to hand steamer in seconds No high crushing boiler Lightweight, 11 lbs. 470 mL (15.89 fl. oz.) water tank 20 foot power cord Easy carrying treat Special pad locking system allows you to use the included steam pad or any hand towel Use without a pad to sanitize carpets 1 year parts and labor guarantee from Gruene For warranty details, support, and registration, click here Protects the Environment: Steam is Nature's disinfectant No harmful fumes or remains No toxic chemicals Low power consumption Sanitizes all surfaces Saves water Attachments Included: Extension hose 4 inch speedily tool Squeegee attachment 2 nylon round brushes 1 brass round brush Angle nozzle Scoop nozzle Jet nozzle 1 broad steam pad 2 min

BISSELL Steam Mop Deluxe 31N1 Down Vacuum Cleaner - 1.50 kW Motor - 17.50 fl oz Water Tank Capacity - 10.25 Cleaning Width - Hard Astound - 20 ft Cable Length - Mineral Blue

BISSELL Steam Mop Deluxe 31N1 Down Vacuum Cleaner - 1.50 kW Motor - 17.50 fl oz Water Tank Capacity - 10.25 Cleaning Width - Hard Astound - 20 ft Cable Length - Mineral Blue

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Price: $94.01

What types of flooring can I trim with my Steam Mop Deluxe? When used as directed, the BISSELL Steam Mop Deluxe is safe and effective on virtually all floor surfaces. It is safe for use on marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors. And since you only have to put fizzy water be illogical in the Steam Mop Deluxe, you won't have to worry about finding a cleaning formula that is safe for your floors.

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Vax Steam Unusual Power Plus review - TrustedReviews

What is the Vax Steam Untried Power Plus. The Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus is a steam mop that doubles as a handheld. It cleans well enough, but the top-heavy design is a real block – it makes the Vax heavier in the hand and it won't stand up by itself when not in use. Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus – Design and Features Most steam mops have a handheld that pops out of the middle of the ruse, but the Vax has an unusual design. The steam generator is a handheld cleaner, to which you add a lance and a floor-head to convert it into a mop for cleaning floors. This setup does select the Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus feel heavy in the hand, but it offers the advantage that you can use tools on the end of the lance to considerably extend your reach. You can also fix them directly to the handheld for compact cleaning. It comes with just two tools: a precision tool that emits concentrated jet of steam for hard-to-reach and heavily soiled areas, and a tone down-scrub brush with an attached scraper, which is great for cleaning cookers, hobs, sinks and taps. The Vax offers two levels of steam, and also the opportunity of using detergent. A handy cloth bag is supplied in which to store the tools, as well as a wall bracket for storing the cleaner. The bracket is vital because the Vax isn't designed to stand up by itself. This is a real pain when you want to pause in the middle of cleaning. There are tabs for storing the power cord when you're not using it. For deck cleaning, there's a triangular floor head with two microfibre pads and a carpet glider. We love Vax's use of bright blue for the carpet glider, buttons, power line, and mains plug. Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus – What's it like to use. The body of the Vax is home to a replaceable water filter and a twin tank that pops off to be filled. The larger (300ml) group is for water, and you have the option to add detergent to the smaller (165ml) detergent tank. The Vax comes with a small bottle of concentrated detergent, and you penury only use a couple of capfuls (50ml) diluted in water. Despite its small size, the bottle is enough to fill the detergent tank five times over. We found the washing to be quite smelly and overpowering, so only used it the once. It was effective at blotting out smells, but we felt the Vax's cleaning performance was fine without it. You could use another characterize of detergent if you preferred. When filling the water tank, it's important to ensure you turn on the tap gently since the fill hole is quite flat. The 1600W Vax is very quick to heat up. It takes just 20 seconds, after which it delivers 20 minutes of steam. To control the Vax, there's an on/off switch on the main part of the cleaner and a control at your thumb for two levels of steam, each with or without detergent. For floor cleaning you use the Vax's triangular floor-head, which is a good size and condition for the job. It whizzed around hard floors well, with the higher of the two steam settings delivering plenty of cleaning power. Thanks to the grand centre of gravity, the design is manoeuvrable but heavy in the hand, so you do feel like you're working hard. It certainly isn't as effortless as multitudinous rival steam mops. If you feel the need for additional cleaning power, there's a steam boost button on the floor-head itself. We used this while cleaning carpets and found that it sent an unusually jet of steam out of the front. The Vax may only come with two small tools, but it actually boasts a hidden third tool: a smaller triangular brush inside the astonish-head. We found it handy for awkward little areas and stubborn spots on carpets, but it can't be used for bigger sections because it doesn't slip. As for the smaller tools, we were disappointed that a cleaner at this price only comes with two, but they're pretty handy nonetheless. The concentrator nozzle is excellent, with a famed reach thanks to the lance, and the scrubby brush proved practical for kitchens and bathrooms. The thumb control makes it unstrained to change the level of steam, but when you release the trigger to stop cleanin, it takes a few seconds for the steam to stop. As a result, the Vax isn't a good buy for anyone with weak hands. Both accessories can be swivelled 360 degrees in days of yore they're locked in place for flexibility when.


  1. The Vax Steam Up to date Power Plus is a steam mop that doubles as a handheld. You can choose to add detergent too. It cleans well enough, but the top-heavy design is a real impediment – it makes the Vax heavier in the give up and it won't stand up by itself 
  2. The Morphy Richards Tot up Clean Fresh is a steam mop with a handheld steam cleaner that pops out for detailed cleaning work. It isn't exciting or innovative, but it does exactly what it sets out to do. It makes bright, light work of mopping all floor
  3. We've tested the latest steam cleaners from Karcher, Vax and more. Discover to be out which models earned our Best Buy recommendation in 2017 – and which to avoid.
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  2. People, what is a steam mop and how can this invention improve my life?
  3. RT @shamalghazouli: @shamalghazouli My fellow-creature is 11 and a steam mop is what makes him happy


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