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Ellipsoidal Solid Brass Hinges Set of 2 Butler Tray Ellipsoidal Solid Brass Hinges Set of 2 Butler Tray


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Install Singer Sewing Machine Treadle Coil Lift Spring Hinge

Jayalalithaa dead: How her policies made Tamil Nadu a successful welfare state with a difference

The other set of policies involved would hinge on what would loosely be called freebies, which has come to typify the habit in several other states too. Distribution of laptops, sarees, sewing machines, grinders and mixers, seeds, mobile phones

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Matured Singer Sewing Machine Bentwood Hinges


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Match Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option

Match Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option


Price: $12.99

Excessive for sewing machine tables and drop front desks. Made of highest quality solid extruded brass. These hinges have twin pin joints with blade pins and recessed knuckles on the top for a perfectly flat surface. Solid extruded brass with a polished finish.

Deluxe Sewing Center Devices Kit

Deluxe Sewing Center Devices Kit


Price: $89.99

This kit contains compelling hardware to build the Deluxe Sewing Center (wood not included). Includes brass sewing machine hinges, twin ball catches, cherry shaker knobs, provender pins, and brass piano hinges.

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Jayalalithaa dead: How her policies made Tamil Nadu a successful welfare state with a difference - Firstpost

Tamil Nadu is a state with a very rich cultural heritage typified by Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam. The same has been reflected in the economy too and the state has been one of the forerunners in economic growth and development for the last two decades irrespective of the government in power. Ms Jayalalithaa ((her name is sometimes spelled Jayalalitha) had continued to take the state on the upward path and hence her demise means not so much ‘an unfinished agenda’ but ‘further acceleration’ in the economic prospects. Tamil Nadu leads the country in terms of having the second highest per capita product across all larger states coming just slightly below Maharashtra. It has the third highest number of bank branches after Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and also in outstanding credit where Maharashtra and Delhi are higher. In the social development tables, TN is above the nation’s average in terms of life expectancy and literacy and has the second lowest infant mortality rate. Ms Jayalalithaa’s economic legacy will be more remembered in terms of what the government did for the alleviation of the poor, which has also been questioned by critics as being ‘populist’. The schemes introduced over the years have focused on providing direct assistance to the weaker sections in terms of various projects as well as distribution of physical goods. Hence, there has been a direct attack on the problems that affect the lower income groups which has become effective over the years. The interesting part of these schemes across the board is that they have been identified with her personality with a prefix of ‘Amma’, which hence has helped to drive home the point that it was the person that mattered. This is still not too unusual considering that even other states and the centre have used names of icons with these social programmes. Hence cradles for babies, gold for girls getting married, subsidized meals at Rs 1, free water to households, subsidized bottled water, free power of 100 units per month and so on were schemes which directly affected the well-being of the poor. A significant aspect of some of these schemes is the implementation which has been stupendous like the mid-day meal programmes which has almost forced parents to send their children to schools for the meal and also thus ensuring that they get... The other set of policies involved would hinge on what would loosely be called freebies, which has come to typify the habit in several other states too. Distribution of laptops, sarees, sewing machines, grinders and mixers, seeds, mobile phones, subsidized cement, and salt for the poorer sections are measures that have been taken to directly reach out to the poor. While some of these state-sponsored gifts add to the productive capacity of the people, others are household conveniences that appeal also to the political decisions taken at the time of elections. For the orthodox economist, such expenses would be termed as being ‘populist and wasteful’ and will not get the approval. Further, it is argued that such programmes tend to put substantial pressure on budget balances as these outlays are considered to be of the non-development variety. The TN government has, however, always argued that these expenses have to be borne as they were part of the elections promises that have to be implemented. Further, with the budgetary numbers reading okay, there was little reason, it has been argued, for critics to get into the quality of the expenditure. Also, the fact that the state is one of the better performing ones vindicates the stance that the money could have been put to alternative uses. The policies in TN have raised a wider debate about whether or not it is right to ‘peer down’ the numbers of the budget when the overall contours are being maintained. Governments have to spend where others do not, and while some states have worked on the industrialization route to ensure that the trickle down effects work, the direction has been different here where direct action has been taken. TN would probably go down as one of the few successful welfare states in the country which has made a difference. What lies ahead now for the state. First, the state has to go in for drastic power reforms as the DISCOMs need to be revamped and their operations realigned with those of other states as the present losses are not sustainable. This does call for radical changes in the tariff structures and measures taken to cut down on T & D losses.


  1. The other set of policies involved would hinge on what would loosely be called freebies, which has come to typify the habit in several other states too. Distribution of laptops, sarees, sewing machines, grinders and mixers, seeds, mobile phones
  2. Whether it's electronics, robotics, metalworking, woodworking, food hacking, sewing, or any other number of activities, making is, at its heart, about creation. However, of all of those Led by an ever growing number of machines that allow anyone to
  3. Last week, Sewbo announced itself to the world by way of this video showing its proof-of-concept: a highly flexible industrial robot arm, an off-the-shelf Universal Robots UR5 , guiding fabric to a consumer machine to sew a cotton T-shirt. The Sewbo
  1. Twin Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option #Home |


Dark Rye (Pumpernickel) Bread for the Bread Machine. (yeast, bread flour, caraway seed, cocoa powder, molasses, powdered milk, bread flour, salt, vegetable oil, wheat, water, flour)

Caraway Rye Bread Recipe (Bread Machine) (caraway seed, bread flour, sea salt, margarine, water, wheat bread, flour, yeast)

Farmhouse White Multi-Grain Cheese Bread - Bread Machine (yeast, flour, powdered milk, olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt, brown sugar, water, bread flour)

Bread Machine Dinner Rolls (butter, yeast, eggs, egg whites, salt, sesame seed, milk powder, sugar, water, bread flour)


Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism | Rockler Woodworking and ...
With this Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism, your sewing machine can emerge from within the table then simply retract, concealing within the table again when ...

Sewing Machine Cabinet Plan -
The Sewing machine Cabinet plans were a great concept but so many measurements were missing. I ended up modifying the whole design using birch wood solid ...

singer sewing machine cabinet | eBay
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Twin Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option - Rockler Woodworking ...

Twin Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option - Rockler Woodworking ...
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Sewing Machine Hinges | eBay

Sewing Machine Hinges | eBay
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... Hinges and Accessories Specialty Hinges Flap Hinges Sewing Machine

... Hinges and Accessories Specialty Hinges Flap Hinges Sewing Machine
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Large sewing machine? Abandoned Barber-Colman factory in Rockford, Illinois
History of the Barber-Colman Company Historically one of Rockford’s largest manufacturers. Began with the founding of the Barber & Colman Company in 1894 – partnership between Howard Colman, an inventor and entrepreneur, and W. A. Barber, an investor. [Today he would probably be considered a venture capitalist.] Colman’s first patent and marketable invention was the Creamery Check Pump used to separate buttermilk and dispense skimmed milk. Colman’s textile production inventions led the company on its rapid rise as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of diversified products. Specific items designed for the textile industry included the Hand Knotter and the Warp Tying Machine. Through these innovations, Barber & Colman was able to build its first plant on Rock Street in Rockford’s Water Power District, and to establish branch offices in Boston MA and Manchester, England. Incorporated as Barber-Colman in 1904 and built 5 new major structures on their site by...
sewing machine
I should name it sticky or something. It's been the place to put my favorite stickers for about 7 years now..... I got it for Christmas my first year of college, back in 2002! The only issue is the stupid hinge on the drawer broke, that orange tape has been there for at least 5 years...
Hinge detail
This shows in more detail the construction of the hinge. Initially I sitiched the hinges on to the waxed paper using the sewing machine, but thereafter I hand sewed the beads and threads to the wire and fabric. The purple bead at the base is one I got from a French flea market many years ago and I just knew that it would come in handy some day.
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Finally. A White Singer Featherweight.
Never one to turn down fabric, I went over for a wee looksie. Turns out she’d been a one-time reader of my blog (pre-graduate school) and collected vintage sewing machines. I immediately began trying to figure out if I could talk her into selling it to me.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine GRUB SCREWS (2) For Mounting Hinges
How can we make PicClick Insights better for you? Email us feedback! 78 Views, N/A Watching, High amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. Top-Rated Seller! Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past sales, over 50 items sold, eBay account active for ...

119-1 - Two New after market hinges for vintage sewing machine heads... Treadle machines... Treadle Cabinets Etc... 1 hole hinges... Hinges measures about 1 1/8 inch across and about 2 1/4 inches long... FREE SHIPPING... USPS First Class... USA...