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How to Clean Tile and Grout Lines Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Turbo Force Hybrid

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One-weekend projects to get your house holiday-ready

A new light fixture in the dining room can brighten the space and enhance the festive atmosphere. Rent a steam cleaner to freshen up tile floors, carpet and upholstery. Score bonus points by using a cleaning method that's hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

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915 Canister Steam Cleaner

915 Canister Steam Cleaner


Price: $125.97

915 Canister Steam Cleaner 1.50 kW MotorProduct Type: Canister Steam Cleaner Motor:1.50 kW




Price: $50.00


Steam Cleaners Guide

List of chemical compounds authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs

Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration

Providing hands on advice for the conservator, Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration is a unique and valuable guide. Topics covered offer practical guidance on conservation and restoration techniques including the problems of manufacture, cleaning, replacement or repair and mortars. Techniques are illustrated by comprehensive case studies, against a background of the role of past architects and designers in historic schemes.

Own-Your-Own Apartments

By 1921 Long Beach had leaped to the forefront as one of the most progressive cities in the United States, accomplishing a marvelous record of growth by trebling its population and property valuations and multiplying its bank deposits by five in... It had also acquired a world-wide fame as a place of beautiful homes, and a desirable place to live. The manufacturing growth started in 1907 when the city dredged and opened a navigable gateway to the sea to induce Craig The people of the world are beginning to realize that an object can be accomplished more easily and with less expense by... This pertains not only to a community apartment but also to business and all things in general. If the people of this country were entirely dependent upon their own personal libraries for all they read, they would not stand in such a high rank as an educated nation. This is only one of the many institutions that prove the feasibility of a community apartment building. (11/28/1923), was the own-your-own apartment concept. Long Beach, the newspaper stated, was the first city in the nation to institute the own-your-own apartment idea. But the following year the newspaper admitted the concept had originated in New York 40 years earlier, so perhaps Long Beach could only claim the distinction of being the first city "west of the Mississippi" to institute the idea. ( between Ocean and First sprang up, so apartment dwellers who owned autos could park. The $80,000 ($1. 13 million) structure was said to be the second largest garage in the state. In 1940 it was leased to the city and became the city's municipal garage. Of Tudor Gothic Design, the $800,000 ($10. 6 million) Sovereign, built opposite the famous Hotel Virginia on Ocean and Magnolia, was the first of the own-your-own apartment buildings in Long Beach. Wright and Pearl West, the promoters of the Sovereign, were credited with coining the phrase "own-your-own apartment. " When Wright came west he found a dearth of homes, and rental costs high because of the lack of housing. He remembered Chicago where many wealthy people had gotten together and purchased apartment buildings, each family owing a floor or two. His business partner, Pearl West, thought the idea had merit and the two decided on a pioneer venture---the Sovereign “own-your-own” apartment. They approached Fred Knight, a local attorney, who worked out the legal aspects to the proposal, and sales of the Sovereign began in 1921. Because of problems with financing, excavation did not begin until September 8, 1922. the building was... On top of the structure was a ballroom, amusement room and sun parlor. A beauty shop, grocery store, barber shop, French cafe and drug store were businesses located on the Windsor Place side of the Sovereign. Asking price for apartments in the Sovereign was not advertised. The first own-your-own to be finished in Long Beach was the $400,000 ($5. 3 million) Artiban Apartments at Ocean Boulevard and Atlantic (10 Atlantic), designed by architect Harold Cross (who also designed the Grant Hotel in San Diego). Ground was broken for the nine story, seventy apartment homes on May 12, 1921. At the time construction began 75 percent of the apartments had been sold (5 were still available). Each apartment consisted of from two to seven rooms with individual telephones, tiled baths and kitchens, choice of disappearing beds, vacuum cleaner system, and automatic ice-less refrigerators. a banquet room, kitchen, showers and dressing rooms, storage rooms, refuse incinerator, and the latest laundry equipment in the basement. the floor of the lobby was tile, the woodwork of mahogany, and the walls and ceilings “tiffanied” or hand stenciled in oil colors. The Artiban was turned over to its apartment owners in April 1922. Because of the financial problems in getting the Sovereign started, owners E. J. and Bryon Burgess insisted on delaying sales of their apartments until the first floor of their...


  1. A new light fixture in the dining room can brighten the space and enhance the festive atmosphere. Rent a steam cleaner to freshen up tile floors, carpet and upholstery. Score bonus points by using a cleaning method that's hypoallergenic and chemical-free.
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  3. A new light fixture in the dining room can brighten the space and enhance the festive atmosphere. Rent a steam cleaner to freshen up tile floors, carpet and upholstery. Score bonus points with your scent-sensitive in-laws for using a cleaning method
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Earth Friendly All Purpose Cleaner (water, white vinegar)

Steam Prawns With Angelica Sinensis Recipe (salt, wine, shrimp, water, shrimp)

The Best All Purpose Cleaner (ammonia, water)

Lavender Mint Spray Cleaner Recipe (lavender, vegetable oil, baking soda, vinegar, water)


Commercial Steam Cleaners, Commercial Steam Vapor Cleaners ...
The BEST Commercial Steam Cleaners, Industrial and Heavy Duty use Steam Cleaners. Commercial use DRY Vapor Steam Cleaners. Chemical FREE Steam Cleaning for homes ...

Steam Cleaner - Steam Cleaners - Vapor Cleaner ...
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Sargent Steam | Sargent Steam Cleaner
Sargent Steam Cleaner - Simply the fastest, easiest, healthiest and greenest way to clean and sanitize anything. Buy a Sargent Steam Cleaner for your family

Tile Grout Steam Cleaner

Tile Grout Steam Cleaner
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Grout Tile Floor Steam Cleaner Vapamore MR 100 Primo Vapor Steamer NEW ...

Grout Tile Floor Steam Cleaner Vapamore MR 100 Primo Vapor Steamer NEW ...
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Reliable BRIO 250CC Steam Cleaner. A true DRY Steam Vapor Cleaner for ...

Reliable BRIO 250CC Steam Cleaner. A true DRY Steam Vapor Cleaner for ...
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Stained Glass Skylight Above the DeSoto Fountain, Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
The Fordyce bathhouse is the most elaborate and was the most expensive of the bathhouses in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the cost including fixtures and furniture being $212,749.55 US. It was closed on June 29, 1962, the first of the Row establishments to fall victim to the decline in popularity of therapeutic bathing. Fordyce Bathhouse has served as the park visitor center since 1989. The Fordyce bathhouse was built in 1914–15, designed by George Mann and Eugene John Stern of Little Rock, Arkansas. Its surpassing elegance was intentional, as Samuel Fordyce waited to observe the Maurice's construction to find out if he could build "a more attractive and convenient" facility. It was built as a testimonial to the healing waters to which Mr. Fordyce believed he owed his life. It represents the "Golden Age of Bathing" in America, the pinnacle of the American bathing industry's efforts to create a spa rivaling those of Europe. The Fordyce offered all the treatments...
Open Day at Sarehole Mill - The Mill Pond - panoramic
An Open Day was at Sarehole Mill in Hall Green, Birmingham. Sunday 6th October 2013, from 12pm to 4pm. It was free. It gave me a chance to look around the inside, first time since the 2012-13 restoration. Part of We Are B28. The Hall Green Arts Festival. The mill pond at Sarehole Mill. Now fully back to normal after being drained, cleaned and repaired. The mill itself was also restored (first time in over 40 years!). Grade II listed Sarehole Mill. Sarehole Mill, Birmingham COLE BANK ROAD 1. 5104 Hall Green B13 Sarehole Mill (formerly listed as Sarehole Mill House under Hall Green) SP 08 SE 12/16 25.4.52 II 2. The existing corn mill (restored 1960's) is substantially a rebuild, on an early mill site, of circa 1764-68. L plan block of one and two storeys red brick with gable end clay tile roofs. Brick dentil eaves. Barn at right angles to mill building with ventilation in gable end. The 2 storey and attic main mill...
Steam Punk Background/Wallpaper/Desktop (work in progress)
Doing a theme for myspacetv, a steam punk homage, we'll see whether this gets approved. Just in case it isn't, well, at least a dozen people might eventually see it. Started last night around 11, stayed up until 5, then spent a few more hours building additional needed assets & turning it into CSS this morning. Created 3 photoshop patterns (step and repeat tiles) using some photos taken 8 years ago with my trusty Nikon 990. Those were the days? The brass and rust are just variations of a picture of dirt, the main panel is a traffic light 's controller box (with pealing paint), and then there's some noise and grime added using a shot of wet leaves on a sidewalk. All tweaked with Curves, Color Mixer adjustment layers, of course. The gears were whipped up in Illustrator (hint: stars + circles + pathfinder, repeat), copy & pasted into Photoshop as the clipping path for numerous Pattern adjustment layers. Lots and lots of layers. Oh, this should tile fairly well. Haven't...
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Degradation comes from water and detergent splashed out of sinks, spatters of oil or cooking grease, and steam or heat from appliances for ... you may notice that there might not be tiles worked into the walls of a kitchen. Think of a backsplash project ...

Central Michigan Carpet Cleaning
Central Cayet Clean 989-773-3130 989-773-3130 989-773-3130 Steam Cleaning Deodorizing Shampooing Stain Guard Strip & Wax Tile Floors Clean Ceramic Tile & Grout Motor Homes! Licensed & Insured* WE BEAT ALL COMPETITORS PRICING!

Installing a Tile Floor
Stone evokes the look of durability and quality. In a kitchen, stone surfaces resist water, steam, odors and, above all, are easy to clean. If you selected natural stone over ceramic tile, be aware that stone must be sealed to prevent staining. Natural ...